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If you are planning a trip to Canada from Spain be aware of current Canadian visa requirements and regulations as these tend to change over night. There are different types of visas which are available for foreigners intending to enter Canada and you will have to make sure that you apply for the correct visa that suited to the purpose of your trip.

Read about the types of Canadian visas from the links below to ensure you are applying for the right type of visa.

Canadian Tourist Visa | Canadian Business Visa
Other Canadian Visas | Canadian Visa Forms
Canadian Visa Letters | Canadian Embassy in Madrid

Canadian Travel Visas

Canadian tourist visa is granted for a limited time of leisure travel and no strictly business activities allowed.

Canadian business visa is for partaking in short term commerce in Canada.

Canadian Transit visa, is generally valid for 3 days or less, for transferring through a port in Canadian to a third destination.

On-arrival visa for Canada is given at a port of entry in Canada. This is different from not needing a visa at all, as the visitor sholud still get the visa before they can in fact seek to pass through immigration.

Student visa for Canada, which permits its holder to study at an institution of higher education in Canadian.

Canadian temporary worker visa, is for people to work in an organisation in Belgium.

Spousal visa or partner visa, given to the spouse, civil partner or de facto partner of a resident or Canadian citizen.

Canadian Marriage visa is given for a lengthy time prior to civil partnership wedding based on a proven relationship with a citizen or resident of Canada.

For all other types of visas please visit Canadian visa information.

Please note: In individual situations, you may be expected to furnish additional documents. Procedures and rules in Embassy of Canada can and do, alter overnight. We accept no responsibilty for any such changes or any transaction initiated directly between an applicant and the Canadian embassy.

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